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Re: (final?) JamMan stereo?

OK, here's a thought for the Holiday season in which we find ourselves:

Enough of the slagging. It's way too easy to get bogged down in it, and it
doesn't gain anyone anything, except a nice big ego. (And, yes I'm as 
guilty as
anyone, so I've already slapped myself on the face!)

Now that we've all had our say about relative plusses and minuses 
attributed to
the stereo/mono issues, and nearly any other Jam/Plex issues, I'd like to
propose the following new years toast (a day or so early):

"Let's all recognize that none of these devices are perfect. Let's all
recoginize that we all have significant investments in these devices, both
emotional and financial. Let's all recognize that this list can be a 
source for putting our own indeas/wishes on (paper), in the hopes that 
with the resources and and manufacturing abilities might care to pick up on
them. But mostly, let's all REJOICE in what we do have. Four years ago we 
have any of this, the JamMan/Echoplex/Whatever, and now we do. Our lives 
significantly enhanced from these (imperfect) devices, so let us give 
thanks for
a minute rather than complain about what they can't do. And let us all 
revel in
many hours of contented looping in 1997." 

Glass (pint, Boddingtons) raised and offered,
Jon Durant