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Re: (final?) JamMan stereo?

Hello, Loopers
A question: I'm LONGING to get into extended stereo looping, and currently
saving up fer a pair of Echoplexes with a foot pedal (is there any cheaper
path?) and possibly a litle rack-mound 6-channel mixer for my three guitar
outputs/signal chains (I've got a custom guitar, sort of a Godin 
knock-off, to describe it briefly--it's really MUCH cooler than THAT!)...
Anyway, I keep thinking "Wait a minute, here. For about the same money I
could get one of these new digital multi-tracks (either hard disk or
Mini-disc), with their repeat and  instant-locate features, and trade off 
the delay-based virtues or the loopers against the editing control of a
multi-track. I could probably even trick up some MIDI functions with a 
and get some automation going on." 
So, folks...Am I way off here? ARE the delay things (variable feedback,etc)
and performance controls SO cool that I'm off-base? I play entirely at 
but in a virtually all improvisational, real-time mode, and so far haven't
done much editing of tapes beyond fade-ins and outs...
Many thanks for your thoughts, on this and all the other matters that seem 
concern the list members.