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Re[2]: Vortex Applications Notes [Redux]

Re: Deck:

> I remember that first flush of joy at using Deck well, suddenly it seems
> that you have incredible power. Deck is a great piece of software, not
> without quirks and even a few bugs, but very powerful. I edited and
> mastered our first CD on it 18 momths ago, and now we're working on the
> 2nd.

Very cool.  I'm actually convinced that I can now do a real project
with just the equipment in my home.  Now all I need is a removable
cartridge drive (SyJet perhaps?) so I can have multiple removable
audio carts.  Then maybe a CD burner for one-offs.  This is so much
easier than trying to afford an ADAT or DA-88.

> Do you know about the deck-users list? It's very handy.

Yep - I'm on it.  I'm learning new things all the time there.

>> Now, I will be entering the much desired notes on the net here soon - I 
>> need to take the time and DO it.
> Great, I expect my Vortex to arrive any day now...

I did a 12-track project where 10 of the tracks were vortex processed.
Some of the nicest stereo textures known anyuwhere.  I love that box!

Todd Madson.

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