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Hi! all, and head to head loop comparason?

Hello all.  I just joined the group last night.  Now that I have some time 
today to write I 
have a few questions...

I don't know if anyone cares, but my name is Trevor and this list was 
recomended to me 
by a guy I met named Geoff.  I have done quite a bit of ambient stuff in 
the past, but the 
limit of my looping experience comes from using a Boss pitchshifter/delay 
pedal with the 
feedback cranked up.  I found out that I could do loops on the pedal on 
accident- all of my 
other delay units go into crazed runnaway with a short delay and full 
regeneration. That an 
two volume pedals and I was off.

I don't know whether or not it is assumed that I am a guitarist, but I am 
and also, of 
course, a big Fripp&Eno fan (more so when they are together than when they 
are apart) 
and I cut my teeth on Cocteau Twins/Xmal Deutchland(sp?) and the rest of 
the 4AD ouvre.  
In  recent years (the past four or so) my sound has become much more raw, 
influenced greatly by jazz (Coleman, Ribot, Cherry, Coltrane, Zorn), DC 
(Fugazi, Jawbox, Discord Records in general) and NY noise (Sonic Youth, 

Anyway, I'm glad to have found the newsgroup because I want to buy a 
looper pedal 
proper.  I am an improvisational kind of guy but I have wielded incredably 
combinations of pedals an rack gear before on stage.  Complexity is not 
(really) a problem.  
What is important is that there are no deadspots or dropout when changing 
patches, and 
that all of the coll functions can be controlled by my feet.  I'd love to 
able to reverse the 
loops as I know that some can do. 

It also should be able to take a beating.

I looked around last night until my eyes spun, but I could not find direct 
comparisons of 
what seems to me to be the Big Three; the JamMan, Echoplex, and Boomerang 
units.  A 
cursory inspection makes me think that this group seems to be slanted 
towards the 
Echoplex.  Why?

I am interested in comparisons between the units- faves, raves, and 
disgust.  Don't forget 
to discuss sound quality too, should you choose to participate.

Sorry for talking your ear off.