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RE: JamMan Rumors

Hi Gang,

Ed queried:
>   I have heard from 2 different people I know that Lexicon is no longer
>manufacturing the JamMan. Has anyone else heard this too ? The 2 people
>heard it from retailers, one was told Lexicon was coming out with 
new at NAMM, which I kind of doubt. John Durant have you heard >anything 
this from anyone at Lexicon or is this another case of >retailer's 
ignorance and
misinformation ?

What I know is this: when the JamMen are gone from the warehouse, (when I 
there were still a good many tying up inventory dollars...) they'll be 
gone for
good. Unless something dramatic has happened to change things, but I doubt 

As for new products at NAMM, I'm aware of the MPX-1 but don't believe it 
much in the way of looping capabilities. There are other products in the
MPX-category in development, but I know that "Loop" is a four letter word 
those parts. And, since I wasn't on the beta team for the MPX-1 as 
promised, I
doubt I'll be getting any inside info any time soon.