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Hi everybody!
I've been looking for something like this for *years* and now I am
really excited to join the loopers community. I hope to be able to
contribute in the future, even if my experience is fairly limited. But
let me just introduce myself.

My name is Stefano Voulaz (but I've always been The Uncle), I'm 27 and
I live in Italy. The town is less interesting, since I'm often moving:
at the moment I stay near Ancona (close to the sea) and I work for KORG
Italy as a software designer. My technical backgrounds are in analog
and digital electronics design, as well as vacuum tubes (yeah!). Now I
work as a programmer - I like soft thingies.

Musically speaking, I try to be a guitarist, even if my academic
instrument is the accordeon. I studied also saxophone and some other
stuff, but I'm trying to enhance my skills on my white Strat. I started
out listening to Alan Parsons, then Pink Floyd and followed up with
Sylvian and Fripp (my reference points), among others. Thus, the
Echoplex I bought recently (actually spending an unbelievable $1000 for
an used unit!) has been like the holy grail for Sir Lancelot. Up until
now, I've been playing with a Roland SDE-3000 in 2x mode (well, 6" of
very-low-quality delay). Dazzling. But now... Tapping and looping are
the most exciting things I felt since I started making music!

OK, I'll cut it. Just earning bandwidth for more interesting stuff.
Thanks again to everyone working on this list. Se you soon!
The Uncle 8^)#