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Re: hex fuzz

> I'm thinking that even narrow bandpass filters will grunge up pretty
> badly.  Many unpleasant fuzz effects come from minor 3rds, 2nds, minor
> 2nds, etc., and these are all too common in guitar chord voicings.
> I'm sure that prefiltering into multi-fuzzes sounds different, but
> I'm guessing that the only a hex pixup will give independent processing.
> But then, a "Hex Fuzz simulator" may offer some nice qualities of its
> own.

To digress further from the list subject matter, Craig Anderton's 
unit kit from Paia seperates incoming signals into four discreet channels,
and then applies a fuzz process to each one.

Has anyone compiled a list of potentially useful delays, ie. 3 seconds+ ?
I would certainly be open to starting one.  If you are aware of devices 
fit this description, please email me privately, and I will compile the
list.  Anything goes!

Kevin Simonson                      * AS/400 Application Development Team
University of Illinois-Springfield  * Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
Computer Science, et al.            * Springfield, IL    
simonson@eagle.uis.edu              *