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Re: hex fuzz

In a message dated 1/8/97 5:14:10 PM, a Looper wrote:

<<I'm guessing that the only a hex pixup will give independent 

Consider the ROLAND VG-8: hex pickup and a "Poly-manager," which controls 
the six signals are blended or kept separate as they go thru the distortion
controls...it's really the current s.o.t.art in guitar synthesis.

<<Power Macs for recording to disk, I'm looking for some advice for
home studio applications.  >>
Pertentent query! Check out Cubase VST, and Hyperprism for very close to
real-time FX, while recording or not, including delays with Hyperprism, 
doesn't even require a PowerPC. A Looping "plug-in" with MIDI control 
seem like a lot to ask for...maybe even quite easily hack-able...???