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Re: building our own looper

Hello Loopheads,

I've been lurking on this list for a couple of weeks and am enjoying it
quite a bit.

The reason I got on the list is because I'm seriously contemplating
getting an Oberheim Echoplex.  I recently finished building my first
modular synthesizer.  I bought an Emax II sampler to complement it, but
I'm finding that non-realtime instruments less and less attractive.  One
thing I'm trying to figure out is if the Echoplex would be redundant,
because I use an analogue sequencer to drive the modular, which in essence
is an "analogue" of a tape loop.  Do any of you use loop delays with
synths and sequencers?

One thing I think is really sad is that the Echoplex isn't stereo.  The
thought of parallel loops and stereo makes my brain feel all gooey inside. 

BTW, what brought me out of lurk mode: if you are seriously thinking of
designing a loop box, you might consider pooling this list's resources
with those of synth-diy.  Synth-diy is dedicated to building electronic
music instruments and processing (mostly analogue, but digital is
welcome).  Already a diy monosynth for the masses has resulted from this
list, not to mention the other projects that are cooking at all
times.  To subscribe send mail to: majordomo@horus.sara.nl with the line
'subscribe synth-diy' in the message body.