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Re: building our own looper

>But Lexicon were really smart
>when they designed the Vortex - rather than saying "let's build a
>competitor to the 9050/q+/Tubefex/etc" they produced something that 50% of
>the people on this list would kill rather than lose. Metaphorically.  "Ah,
>but it flopped."  No MIDI.
>A case of not listening to the market.

I think part of the reason the the Vortex flopped was that it was had no 
MIDI and it was too expensive.  I love mine, but I bought it for $150 in 
the Guitar Center blowout.  I would never have bought it for the original 
price.  Adding MIDI would have probably put another $100-200 on the price 
and driven further into the Lexicon Hall of Shame.

Travis Hartnett