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Re: building our own looper

Dave Mitchell wrote,

>I'd like to see PAiA or a similar company (small, cheap, mailorder,
>do-it-yourself-kits) come out with a looper.

Me, too--I have a lot more time than money.  Both assembling it myself
and cutting out the middlepersons would cut the cost drastically.

>If you consider all the techo knowledge and experience that's on this
>mailing list, we'd have to be able to spec out a design (assuming everyone
>suddenly got a few months with nothing else to do!).

Here, I'm not so sure--I think input from potential users other than
guitarists might go a long way toward raising the odds of the device's
viability.  Pardon me for looping a thought from an earlier message,
but I suspect the JamHombre might have fared better in the marketplace
had DJs, horn players, etc. been more aware of its potential for them,
and their potential with it.

However, I certainly feel this is the ideal place to start. :-)

John                              mailto:johnpollock@delphi.com
Troubador Tech on the Web--http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock