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Re: building our own looper

Dave Mitchell said
>I'd like to see PAiA or a similar company (small, cheap, mailorder,
>do-it-yourself-kits) come out with a looper.

I do not think its simple enough

>biggest impediment to me buying a Jamman, Echoplex or Boomerang is $$$ - I
>just can't justify the cost for a single-purpose effect that I wouldn't be
>using a lot of the time.  For now, I'll stick to my crappy old Boss PS-2
>pedal with its 2 seconds of delay.

Better not call it an "effect", because it does not alter sound, but 
record it.
It can turn into your main tool, even replace a multitrack machine - at
least be much more important that any effect ever could be...
...the problem is that you do not know until you use one for some time!

>As an aside: with
>memory coming down in price so fast recently, I can't see why you'd need 
>feel limited by sample resolution or sample time any more - just build in
>provision for the box to take standard SIMMs up to (say) 64Mb.

true. This will also fascilitate to build sufficiant memory into a effect
box, so it can have additional loop functions.