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looper vs sequencer

Romeo said:
> I'm trying to figure out is if the Echoplex would be redundant,
>because I use an analogue sequencer to drive the modular, which in essence
>is an "analogue" of a tape loop.  Do any of you use loop delays with
>synths and sequencers?

I made some of my best music with a keyboard player, both playing into a
t.c. 2290.

Not redundant! The differences to a sequencer are
- Feedback, which you can use to change clima slowly and have old things
soft in the background.
- Overdub, that lets you layer infinitally. Especially interesting with a
modular, where you can take your time to create sounds and keep layering
Simple case: repeat the same phrase to thicken it!
- the feel is somehow more played and less machine (?).
- There are other functions a sequencer does not have (easily accessible).