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LOOP delay at NAMM!

Sorry for my silly post about Italy.
I have neither right nor reason to escape such moods into a nice group.
I was out of my mind.

But what really moved me, I should tell you:

I just happend to know that Kuno Wagner (kuno.tap@t-online.de) will
demonstrate Warr Guitar (http://www.warrguitars.com/warr) on a LOOP delay
he is using for about three years!

Isn't that nice?         :-)

Kuno Wagner happens to be one of the musicians that sent me a tape when I
made the CD proposual to the LOOP delay users. Really nice Chapman Stick
traveling. There is also a AVALON / Marimba piece by Andre Krikula and
Conny Sommer and a flamenco piece by Renato Rizzo, both could be
characterized as virtuoso playing with discrete dynamic loop suport.
So the conicidence is that on fryday, I sent these pieces on CDR to Kim to
show them to you NAMM visitors and I wanted to suggest that we add them to
the Loopers Delight CD which does not seem to be full yet :-) . I will
offer a copy of that CD to them then.
Now you can see the man live!

Happy again