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Re: Italian loopers

>Matthias says,
>> Hope to hear more about looping italians...

Michael, full of good will:
>Fripp always had quite a lot of fans especially in Italy, and I think his 
>got a number of Italian musicians interested in looping. I had the 
>privilege to
>participate in two wonderful Guitar Craft courses in Italy, and I met 
>Italian musicians there who use loops in their music.

Me, never satisfied:
FrippFrippFripp... how about italian folclore loops?

Long time ago we used to call italian electric music "amore rock". Lots of
dramatic tenors, with a long and strong tradition from the opera...
Then I listened to Banco and Premiata Fornaria Marconi and another keyboard
trio and then some jazzrock with the Rusticis...
Later I fell in love with Zuccero...
... ah, and Pino Daniele is a client of PARADIS, but not for looping, I
think, only the AVALONs, whereof there are more in Italy than in the rest
of the world...
.... but I do not really know what goes on in Italy.
There must be a lot of instrumental virtuoso?