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Jam Man Memory expansion

Hello all...

I've just found the loopers page (thanks Kim...way cool) and  subscribed
to this list.
Last week I came across a used (demo actually) jam man in a local music
store and half jokingly offered the store manager $150 for it...
I was prepared to pay upwards to $250-maybe $275 as I have wanted a
looping device for about 8 mos now...(was inspired by a concert by
Pierre Bensusan who used an Oberheim Echoplex...) I was flabbergasted
when the guy said OK...everything appears intact- no manual,but the
power supply, "ring tip" footswitch and a stereo cable were all
included. No warranty, no box and ,again, no manual...but...YES baby! I
was quite happy to find what I consider a real bargain.
Anyway...I called Lexicon and they are sending me a manual (12 bucks
including shipping...SHEESH!) Here's my question...

I understand from numerous references that the jam man is expandable to
32 seconds...who can tell me what type of chips this requires...can it 
be done by a novice (I've built a few computers from components I've
acquired on the cheap, so..I guess as long as it's as simple as plugging
in SIMMS chips I could handle it...)
I live in the S.F. Bay area so I would imagine the chips are readily
available (unless its some funky older technolgy I've never heard of)
in my area...how much should I expect to spend? Are they regular 30 or
72 pin Simms?  etc etc..
any response will be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance.

Roland Eberle       roland@ccnet..com