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Re: Jam Man Memory expansion

hi roland,

>I understand from numerous references that the jam man is expandable to
>32 seconds...who can tell me what type of chips this requires...

unfortunately the jamperson uses ZIP ics, not SIMMs.  it's older, rarer,
more expensive technology.  you can get the whole 32 sec worth (4 megs) 
lexicon for an inflated $140, or you can try to find them from a chip 
for probably about $100.  they are user-installable, just open the box, 
out the old, and put in the new.  hold the chips firmly so you don't bend
the leads as you insert them, it's a tight fit.  the manual says not to 
the ICs, but you'll probably need to rock them a little bit to get them to 

The manual says to use four 1M x 4 bit ZIP ICs, and lists the following
compatible chips:

motorola MCM54400AZ
hitachi HM514400AZP
nec D424400AZP
fujitsu MB814400
mitsubishi M5M44400L
micron MT4C4001JZ

before performing the upgrade, the manual suggests disconnecting the jam 
from its power supply.  interestingly, it doesn't have any warnings against
performing the upgrade underwater...

good luck!