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Re: Torn article ie beyond Fripp

David Torn said:
>>>andre: i hope i didn't cut yer hose w/my letter; i just felt a wee bit
>>>misunderstood, there; never having been an idolater of bobby fripp, 
>>>once in a while i get tired of hearing his name being *equated* w/the 
>art of
>>>looping, ya dig? 

I replied:
>>The problem here is that Fripp has produced a lot of live looping 
>>ie "here's a looper and a bunch of FX and a guitar, and here's what you 
>>do with them in your own home/ at the pub/etc."  So it becomes a standard
>>because it's what most of the people on this list do.  For example, I
>>gather WMS,T is de/reconstructed loops - something that most of us aren't
>>really in a position to do, so it's difficult to take as a benchmark.  
>>if a live, solo DT album were to be released (SUBTLE HINT HERE, DAVID) 
>>it would be something that related to us more as "live" loopers.  A 
>>debate in these virtual pages talked about going "beyond Fripp", but only
>>in the sense that his looping methodology is the one we're all familiar

John Ott added:
>Sept 96 issue of Guitar player has David Torn revealing his secrets for
>looping for those of you wishing to go "Beyond Fripp".  I very inspiring

The question (and it's a good one) is "why are we all so wrapped up in
Fripp"?  It occurred to me after reading Loopers of the World on the Web
page - about 80% of players list Fripp as an influence.  Now, how many
players here sound like RF when we play?  C'mon.  Be objective.  I'm
guessing the number's big.  Jeez, I do (well, like RF with a bad hangover)
and I spend most of my time trying _not_ to sound like him.  

>>s'pose it's a tad "small" of me, but.....
No, it's small of _us_.  Looping far exceeds the boundaries of any given 


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