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Re: Torn article ie beyond Fripp

Michael writes:
>The question (and it's a good one) is "why are we all so wrapped up in
>Fripp"?  It occurred to me after reading Loopers of the World on the Web
>page - about 80% of players list Fripp as an influence.  Now, how many
>players here sound like RF when we play?  C'mon.  Be objective.  I'm
>guessing the number's big.  Jeez, I do (well, like RF with a bad hangover)
>and I spend most of my time trying _not_ to sound like him. 

Which is why I have relegated my once beloved GR-300 to the duty of 
K/L (knobs and lights) amusement for my sons. I'll tell ya--it's really 
*not* to sound like Fripp when you play that thingy! Also, way back in the 
daze of'84 I started running a mix of synth and dry guitar through a fuzz 
Then, along comes "Gone to Earth" and there's Mr. Bobby doing the same damn
thing. I was crushed--I really thought I'd found a new sound with the 
blue guy. 

BTW---Nice of you to de-lurk Mr. David Torp.