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Re: Torn article ie beyond Fripp

>David Torn said:
>> never having been an idolater of bobby fripp, every
>>once in a while i get tired of hearing his name being *equated* w/the 
>art of
>>looping, ya dig?

neato says:
this brings up a point, i've been meaning to address...(sorry if it's been
covered before, but i'm new here)
-the use of the loop has been around well in advance of robert fripp....in
fact his actual frippertronics system is based directly on that of
minimalist composer-terry riley...riley had been experimenting with tape
loops since the early 60's (and in turn influenced other 60's loopers like
daevid allen and hugh hopper of soft machine)...this evolved into his use
of the two reel to reel tape delay system which he used for all night
keyboard performances...(documented on the double record set-persian
surgery dervishes-1972)
furthermore, i recall reading an interview with riley where he was amused
that fripp had essentially taken his (riley's) system and named it
(frippertronics) after himself!

-the point being, as torn points out, is that looping can be approached
from a myriad of places and not just through robert fripp...influential as
he may well be! (myself included!)


                                     all my mistakes were once acts of 
                                                       neato@pipeline com