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the great Beyond.....

Greetings oh looped ones,
                            The implied notion in several of the recent
posts on the "beynd Fripp" subject, is that somehow his body of work is
progressing in a errant fashion or that he has an unjustly high level
of stylistic influence on the "unlurked" who populate this group.
Unfortunately for me this sounds all to much like what I call "Battle
of the Bands" mindset. The notion that anyone's work in this medium has
any more viability than anothers is rampant bullshit, the likes of which
does nothing to promote either the genre as a whole or our individual
musical endeavours. Besides which it should be obvious that Fripp draws
these remarks as a direct result of his achieving a greater degree of
critical and (relative) market success than most if not all of the other
players working with this technology. John Tesh could take up looping...
that would certainly require a major widening of the mental corridors
that seem a tad constricted to this looper(especially if he met with
rabid success and was heralded as the "true innovator" of this medium).
Ears reached does not always equate with minds entered, for players and
audiences, and those who find themselves,by necessity, being both.

                                      Very Sincerely,
                                                Bryan Helm