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Re: The Memory Man is back

Andre wrote:

>I'm not overly familiar with the Electro Harmonix Memory Man pedal, but I
>understand it to be similar to an Echoplex (the original stuff, not the
>Oberheim bit) in design and function, with added pitch-modulation
>features.  Apparently the thing has been reissued, with a price of (I
>*think*) about $200, and is in stores as we speak.  (Er, type).

I have an old Memory-Man...I'm not familiar with the original Echoplex, so
I can't comment on the comparison, but the Memory-Man is a pretty warm
sounding delay, with a max delay time of about a half second.   It sounds
great when you tweak the delay time while playing -- you get a real smooth
pitch shift.  Also the chorus mode sounds really rich, and has a stereo
output which sounds great.  The reissue is the Memory Man Deluxe (5 knobs,
instead of 3), which also has vibrato.

As a side note, I am selling my Memory-Man if anyone is interested (for
$125).  I really like the effect, but there is a slight coloration of the
sound, even in bypass mode (it doesn't use a true bypass switch).  If
anyone is interested, drop me a note.

On this note, is anyone familiar with an analog delay which is
full-bandwidth and has a true bypass switch?

- Chris

Chris Chovit                                          
AVIRIS Experiment Coordinator              ph: (818) 354-8077
JPL M/S 306-336                                 FAX: (818) 393-4406
4800 Oak Grove Dr.               pager #: (800) 759-8255 PIN 834-3869
Pasadena, CA 91109