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Re: beyond:what, or whom? re-sent: faulty slip.net

Jeez, it's fun to hear a good blatherer blather...long live the 20-min 

(uh...for some reason, I stopped listening to almost all prerecorded music
about 5 years ago---happened around the same  time as I discovered the
"record" button on my stereo---so now I enjoy/respond-to other players
primarily via their verbal utterances and channelings---with almost no idea
what they're actually playing! 
High on my current list of most-entertaining  guitar-talkers are both David
Torn and RFripp. 


Steve Vai's OK
Buckethead's spotty, but occassionally snags a good tongue lick
EVHalen (surprisingly good current interview in British mag "Guitar")
Carlos Santana (the king of cosmic talk)

...actually, it's fascinating how many "known" players can talk inspired
(non)sense. I guess interesting minds can't HELP combing usefully thru the
constant oceanic blizzard of information our12 senses are perpetually 
with. May they, and all of us, remain impelled to report our findings.)