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Re: beyond:what, or whom?

The Coffin spoke (what could DP mean?):
>High on my current list of most-entertaining  guitar-talkers are both 
>Torn and RFripp.
>Steve Vai's OK
>Buckethead's spotty, but occassionally snags a good tongue lick
>EVHalen (surprisingly good current interview in British mag "Guitar")
>Carlos Santana (the king of cosmic talk)

Holdsworth certainly hold some speaches of worth.
I am not so much interested any more in what he is saying, but the one that
talked the clearest articulated to me is still old Jimy (remember Red

I am technician of a soft reggae-soul band around the lovely big black
LAZZO. So when he asks a member of the band to solo (often, as a good
leader he valorizes his musicians) he sais: "chora para mim" (cry for me) .
May this come from the blues? Why is it easyer to cry than to laugh through
the guitar? All the revolutionary complaints are accumulated in our habits
of screaming distorted guitars, while light softly supporting sounds are
left to flutes and harps (and the worst: synthesizers <piip>) and the heart
desires moving romantic sounds come from saxes (soprano for tenderness,
tenor for sex).
Well, I might exagerate a bit...

So, all I am trying to say: There is "beyond" in musical language,
expression, clarity, and there is another one (maybe rather "beside") in
content. The first, probably is rather the players "work" (and the main
intention of the list) while the second is what he transmits (probably from
beyond). How to find that may be beyond the potential of this list, but
interesting anyway.

If a speaker has something really interesting to say, we listen to him,
even if he is hard to understand, so "beside" may be more important than
There is a dangerous tendency against that: 2000 years ago, Cicero (?) told
os how to speak nice enough so that people assimilate the content whatever
it is.
I do not think we should cultivate this for our music.

>...actually, it's fascinating how many "known" players can talk inspired
>(non)sense. I guess interesting minds can't HELP combing usefully thru the
>constant oceanic blizzard of information our12 senses are perpetually 
>with. May they, and all of us, remain impelled to report our findings.)