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slider & pedal for a vortex

>>My question is could I have fried something by hooking the stereo wires
>>up every which way to the slider? Also does anybody use an expression
>>pedal on their Vortex?  Do you have any problems with it?

hi all ! i also wonder about my vortex/expression issue. I just got (one of
the last) guitar center ones - no problems, it seems - tho' it arrived sans
"footpedal" or booklet !! are the instructions on line somewhere ?? also - 
have a roland EV-10 expression ped. - what do i have to do to set it up -
other than plug it in ?? any settings?? BTW - there are some awesome sounds
in this !! ripping phase/flange type sounds with the subtle morph, and i've
barely tweaked it, which i've gleaned from previous posts is the door to
insanity (in a good way!!)

So - thanks for all the recommendations and explanations - it made me buy
one and i'm real happy !! BTW - if you're in the Jersey are - i'll be part
of a night of ambience and looping at the Brighton Bar in Longbranch, Thur
Jan 30. Then Feb 8 at the Common Ground. Bon Lozaga is also there Feb 14...

E me if you're interested/close by.

andre (NJ)