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Re: slider & pedal for a vortex

I've built 3 different Vortex expression pedals so far.  The first was
from the guts of an unused Crybaby wah.  It worked, but had a very bad
sweep, probably due to an audio taper pot rather than linear taper.
I built a second one out of a modified ADA expression pedal.  It
worked, but I couldn't get quite a full sweep out of it (not enough
pedal travel).  I also jury-rigged one out of a loose pot as an

Should be easy enough to make one with a slider.  Just get a linear
taper slide pot and wire as described in the manual.  If it doesn't
work, you probably have a wire swapped somewhere.  Switch around wires
until it does work.  Don't worry about cooking components... it's just
a voltage divider. 


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