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Re: creative isolation

 A question occurs. The areas of "taking a break from listening" etc. have
come up now and again (something I do myself) and I'm wondering if we're
still being a bit too narrow in our thought. Can we find more or "better"
(bad term) inspiration for our looping "dry spots" be had by turning our
ears to "other" instruments (esp. other than guitar), and ALSO towards
music that perhaps involves no looping at all? Not to merely "turn away",
but to refresh the "other side of the coin" so to speak so that the
"looping" side doesnt carry such a wearisome burden? The "two sides of a
coin" scenario is itself perhaps drawing an unnecessary boundary/dichotomy,
but perhaps you see the point. Another perhaps more important source of
"inspiration" I'm just reminded of how damned "musical" certain novels I've
read, people I've spoken to, or things that meandered into my visual field
have been. As I grow older it is with these that I find inspiration for my
composition, loops or otherwise, much more than I do with particular
artists or recordings. Perhaps going "outside the loop" once in awhile so
to speak can only help us fortify and enrich such tools.Thoughts? B.P.
       P.S.--One I suppose could have found much looping inspiration in the
last presidential campaign rhetoric for example. Is such diverse
inspiration perhaps passing us by every day and we just need to open up a
bit more to it? Here's hoping so !