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Re: creative isolation

-dave wrote:

<<channelling music from another world...>>
THIS, for me, is the entire reason for doing what I do with my guitar (and
Vortex, vg-8, etc, etc,...and how amazingly similar it sounds to what 
on this list do--as a process, of course; I've no idea about other's
results-and, incidently, NO idea what rfripp sounds like these days! {nor 
I even have a looper!}[[can i still come along??huh??huh??]]). For me,
practicing, noodling, composing, excercising, sound designing, whatever,
they're all really just what I need to do while waiting for the angel to
appear behind me, the spirit to descend, the clouds to part, the present to
unfold itself into an infinite NOW of no possible wrong notes, when every
gesture is appropriate, and every influence is revealed to have simply 
been a
reminder of an all-ready heard and longed for beauty. When this DOES 
only then does all the everyday work make sense...so I keep it up, no 
how it feels, as much as possible, trying not to judge it, or myself for
failing. (And thus the recordings, when I'm lucky enough to have a tape
available, seem to improve, as artifacts, at least. NOTHING can improve on
the experience.)
After all, if you're not out standing in the road how will you know when 
bus comes by?
...I seem to remember somebody saying "...in art the most important thing 
to just show up."
...may the unseen world send blessings upon us all!