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vortex adapter and manual - help?

hi folks,

as mentioned in my previous post, i just got a vortex w/out manual or
accessories.  my jamman sits silent and cold as its 9VAC lifesblood is
sucked up by its new friend.

i called lexicon to order the adapter today, got patched to the marketing
guy's answering machine, and was told he would be at NAMM 'til thursday
(which means i probably wouldn't get the goods for a couple weeks).  i want
to play with my toys!!!  does anyone know of anywhere (besides lexicon) one
can buy a 9V, 1 amp AC wall wart?  why did they have to use 9V AC, anyway?
so people would have no choice but to buy their special adapter?  (there
were some 9V, 780ma AC adapters at radio shack.  anyone know if that's
enough juice?)

also, being manual-less is rather unpleasant.  if someone, out of the sheer
generosity of their heart, could take a couple minutes to scan it and email
me some JPEGs (or 2-color GIFs, compressed TIFFs, whatever) i would be your
slave forever.  or, better idea:  they could be posted on the looper's
delight vortex page for others in a similar situation, or for people 
about what this thing does.

also, if anyone has the vortex "application notes", i'm sure there are many
vortex users who would love to see these posted on the page.  no need for
OCR or transcription, any legible scans will do.

thanks in advance,