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Creativity and Technique

Dave Stanger wrote:

>Technique is an expressive tool.  It is our only channel to release
creativity.  On the other hand, technique is a trap.  It is altogether
too easy to fall back on stock licks, and play from the hands instead
of the heart.  

This balance between technique and creativity is constantly shifting
throughout our musical lives.  Sometimes I'm more creative, sometimes
I'm more technique-driven.  Sometimes I set the guitar down in disgust
and won't play for weeks.  When I come back, I may be brilliant, or I
may be fighting to regain the lost muscle memory.  

Creativity and creation are, like all things, a balance. 

I agree with most of your post Dave, However I don't think 
technique is a trap within itself or a trade off from creativity. 
I know what you mean by relying on stock licks or riffs being  a trap, 
 but I believe to express yourself as a musician you need to practice
and develop skill.  Only when you have mastered your instrument can you
play from 
your inspiration.  It is  frustrating to have a musical
idea and not have the technique to play it.  That's where
I'm at with my looping (I've only had the jamdude for about
a month now),  but I'm working on technique so I can reach
that point.  Many music students give up before they develope the
to play inspiring music because of said frustration and lack of patience
or disipline. 
(I got my brother's electric guitar that way)

I think technique and creativity are not opposing forces
but are complimentary.