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Re: creative isolation

>I was not looking for tabula rasa either. The blues licks did not 
>but started to sound different in the new surrounding.

I love it when I start to hear out-of-context licks appear in my playing,
like putting renaissamce recorder peices over blues.

>I changed a lot in the portugese ambient.

On the slightly different subject of Brazillian Ambient music, Dr. Eduardo
Miranda played ("diffused") here a couple of months ago.  I didn't really
connect to the music though - there was nothing to get hold of, just
random-sounding noises. 

>I started to understand things
>german speaking people are not aware off. Usually there is no word in
>german for those things. Now, I do not know whether there is no word
>because they were not interested or whether people have not been able to
>become aware of a "thing" (rather emotions, concepts...) because there was
>no name for it.

It's often said that language is the philosophy of the people who speak it
(or so I'm told).  My wife, a linguist, often talks to me of this.


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