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Re: creative isolation

David definitally came out and wrote so beautifully what I believe:

>practicing, noodling, composing, excercising, sound designing, whatever,
>they're all really just what I need to do while waiting for the angel to
>appear behind me, the spirit to descend, the clouds to part, the present 
>unfold itself into an infinite NOW of no possible wrong notes, when every
>gesture is appropriate, and every influence is revealed to have simply 
>been a
>reminder of an all-ready heard and longed for beauty. When this DOES 
>only then does all the everyday work make sense...so I keep it up, no 
>how it feels, as much as possible, trying not to judge it, or myself for
>failing. (And thus the recordings, when I'm lucky enough to have a tape
>available, seem to improve, as artifacts, at least. NOTHING can improve on
>the experience.)

>After all, if you're not out standing in the road how will you know when 
>bus comes by?

Wow, I will never forget that sentence!
How about getting your own car?

>...I seem to remember somebody saying "...in art the most important thing 
>to just show up."
>...may the unseen world send blessings upon us all!

Maybe we do not *really* need a living beeing  "to babble to"...

Its belief, its personal, no doctrine...