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Re: Creativity and Technique

> >Look at Neil Young.  "Technically", he's not a very good guitarist.
> >But as someone once observed, you can't slip a piece of paper between
> >what he feels and what he plays.  His technique is sufficient for his
> >expression.  He's no master of his instrument, but he's a master of
> >the technique of channelling his emotions musically.

You know, maybe this marks me as a talentless hack or idiot savant, but
it seems the times that I play best are when my mind shuts down and the
music just seems to come from somewhere else, surpising me as much (if
not more) than the next guy.

It's these times that I am freed from all the licks, scales and theory
(although, admittedly not that much) and what comes out is just pure
expression.  My best tapes frequently have me scratching my head and
saying 'Now, how does that part go again?'

BTW, I am a big NY fan.