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Re: Creativity and Technique

Dave Stagner said some days ago:

>Technique is only necessary to the point where you are capable of
>expressing the idea in your head.
>Look at Neil Young.  "Technically", he's not a very good guitarist.
>But as someone once observed, you can't slip a piece of paper between
>what he feels and what he plays.  His technique is sufficient for his
>expression.  He's no master of his instrument, but he's a master of
>the technique of channelling his emotions musically.

Interesting example. Do you think he is able to "expressing the idea in
your head" or: play what comes to his mind? I hear it does not pass through
his mind. Thats why you cannot slip a piece of paper between.
His technical limitations influence his style strongly and make it 

>Too much
>technique shifts the art away from expression.  Insufficient technique
>prevents the art from being realized.


>Perhaps even "balance" is a poor term.  Technique must be sufficient
>for expression, but excessive technique is unnecessary.  And the
>temptation to use excessive technique detracts us from expression.

No, stronger: The lack of technique is expressive, turns into a language.

Zappa is another one who plays very long solos, and I am convinced that
about one third of the notes that come up in his tremendously formed mind
do not make it to the string, because he does not pluck it right (I cared
to observe this on videos), because he is not as fast as he would need to
be to express what he has in mind.
But the solos are brilliant and unique also due to the pl... notes!