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Re: Creativity and Technique

Out of Coffin:
>I think you can go further and assert that technical limitations are 
>never a
>barrier to expression. If the need to express, or the content, is 
>enough, it finds a way. When technical freedom is met with great 
>it makes for a sublimely entertaining experience, but not necessarily 
>more a
>compelling one, merely because of its brilliance. We'd love to have
>everything, but it's not really necessary.

I agree somehow. Otherwhise Bob Dylan never would have sold records.
But I observe that in the heavy competition, more and more it IS "necessary
to have everything". Its not enough to have something to say and find a way
to express it, you need to play and dance well, be beautyfull and speak
well and and and...

This is for the ones that look for success.
And they do not make all of the culture, I hope.