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Re: the great Beyond.....

> A few years ago, when I was bedridden after a tonsilectomy, I mentally 
> went over some ideas I wanted to try out on the fingerboard without 
> actually having had the chance to sit down and work it out.  When I went 
> to play again for the first time in a week, it was all in place.  Mind 
> over matter...!

Ironically enough, my Father in law is a professional organist who swears
that after he studied the manual on a scientific calculator, he was able to
play Bach and Vidor pieces as though he had practiced for a considerable
amount of time!

Kevin Simonson                      * AS/400 Application Development Team
University of Illinois-Springfield  * Programmer / Analyst
Computer Science, et al.            * Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
simonson@eagle.uis.edu              * Springfield, IL