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Glenn Gould

 A quick question after a marvelously rich day on this list. Haven't
digested all comments thoroughly enough to have one of my own, but a
question has occurred to me again and again. As far as the topics of
"creative isolation" and "technique and/vs. creativity" and even
"practicing while driving" go, I'm really wondering how many out there is
familiar with the writings and life of Glenn Gould??? I would think if not
many would find his ideas facinating, fruitful, and food for much further
thought on these topics. And as far as Fripp's or Eno's use of the studio
as a compositional tool, Gould's thoughts on that predated their's by a
decade. The coming technology was a fave topic of his and gosh knows what
he might have had to say on the subject of looping. A good place to start
would be " Glenn Gould Music and Mind by Geoffrey Payzant (PARTICULARLY
chptrs 4&5),as well as The Glenn Gould Reader by Tim Page. (Last year's
film 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould was a treat too, but an adaptation of
sorts with attendant "entertainment value". I'd reccomend the books. He was
of course coming from the "classical" world of thought and experience (A
big "So What?" occurs in my head), but SO many of his thoughts seem to echo
those out there on this list at times. Just thought I'd drop the hint. B.P.