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Re: creative isolation

I recently went through a stage where I felt Pat Metheny, the King
Crimson players, Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin and Fred Frith (please
don't be offended if I left out the name of your favorite guitarist) 
much said everything I ever wanted to say on guitar so I stopped playing 
guitar. I haven't played it seriously in almost a year now.  I mostly 
Chapman Stick.  Most recently I bought a little drum made in Pakistan, a 
pair of drumsticks, and have begun practicing some of the 26 standard drum 

At present, I feel like I am on an extended vacation from the guitar. 
Playing the Stick reminded me of my childhood piano playing experience
but more importantly turned me on to the idea of being a bass player.

The funny thing is that recent recordings that have made me excited about
music again either feature the bass prominently (Victor Wooten - A Show
Of Hands, Me'shell NgedeOcello's latest CD) or feature looping either
in and of itself or as part of a pop context (latest CDs by Meat Beat
Manifesto, DJ Spooky, Beck's _Odelay_).  

Paolo Valladolid
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