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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V97 #9

<<Sometimes I yearn for the days when I knew 
virtually *nothing* about the guitar and randomly abused the
instrument to make beautiful noise.
I've found I can regain that golden "beginner's mind" state of ignorant 
by collecting devices that restructure/deconstruct/derange the guitar's 
sound and/or tuning. Best device so far (by a VERY wide margin): VG-8 (THIS
is the box, btw, that seems to require a stereo looping implant!)
Since it allows me to complete change the timbre, attack, and/or pitch of 
note, from picking velocity or pedal control while remaining completely
"live"  and, for the most part, "guitar-like," i.e. no conversion delay
(string scrapes, slapping, mutes, etc., all completely fair game), I'm not
only inspired to attack the guitar in new ways, but even my old tricks and
tired licks are reborn as jumping off places for new territory. This has
become the most reliable way for me to invoke that exstasis that, to my 
delight, has been the topic around here lately. It DOES feel like home!
Much grass...i mean, Tanks, ya'll!