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Re: Creative doldrums and compressors

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997 KRosser414@aol.com wrote:

> On a completely unrelated technical note, for seekers of the oft-sought 
> Electronics Sustain/Para EQ pedal that have been unable to find one, I 
> some potentially encouraging news.  I visited the TC booth at NAMM over 
> weekend and was introduced to another Danish company they've become
> affiliated with (exactly how the affiliation extends, I'm not sure, 
>i.e., it
> might be just for marketing purposes) called Carl Martin.  CM makes a
> compressor/Limiter pedal that is apparently modeled *somewhat* upon the 
> TC pedal.  I didn't get to play it myself, so I don't want it to sound 
> too informed an endorsement, but I did listen to them demo it and I think
> it's definitely worth trying out when they start appearing at retailers 
> was their American debut - they said they should be out and around "very
> soon").

I tried the Carl Martin compressor at the TC booth, and it was quite nice,
although I was dismayed that it doesn't do the famous Bill Frissel
"squeeze" trick (wherein lowering the volume level on the guitar can
result in the threshold of the compressor causing notes to fade in).  I
don't know the exact setting to use on this on either the TC or the Carl
Martin, so there's a chance that it actually has provisions for that
technique, but when I asked the guy at the booth about it, he didn't seem
to know what I was talking about.  However, it does have a ridiculously
copious amount of dynamic squashing built in.  It lists for about $250.