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Re: Jamman with Midi Fade

>Has anybody tried using the MIDI fade option?  The manual (unclearly)
>states that if you stop fading and start recording again the new recording
>is at the faded volume. Is that so and if it is, how do you start looping
>again at full volume without stopping the loop?  Will Replace cancel the
>fade function?

the manual sez:

"if TAP is pressed while a fade is active, jamman will resume loop play 
LAYER cued.  play is resumed at the faded level."

this means that when you hit TAP, the loop will stop fading, and will
continue to play at its faded level.  anything you layer on this faded loop
will loop at the volume you played it.  the "midi fade" doesn't reduce the
jamman's actual master "volume" level, it just reduces the delay feedback
level so the loop will decay.  when you hit TAP during the fade, feedback 
brought back to 100%.