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Re: Jamman with Midi Fade

>the manual sez:
>"if TAP is pressed while a fade is active, jamman will resume loop play 
>LAYER cued.  play is resumed at the faded level."
>this means that when you hit TAP, the loop will stop fading, and will
>continue to play at its faded level.  anything you layer on this faded 
>will loop at the volume you played it.  the "midi fade" doesn't reduce the
>jamman's actual master "volume" level, it just reduces the delay feedback
>level so the loop will decay.  when you hit TAP during the fade, feedback 
>brought back to 100%.

Thanks, James -that's what I was hoping for!  I've been worried that I was
going to have to put it in some kind of volume-preamp loop.  I know the way
I thought the manual said it worked wouldn't make a helluva lot of sense,
but then neither does leaving MIDI off the Vortex... :)


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