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Re: oberheim echoplex used with midi foot switch

>On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Kim Flint wrote:
>> Check out the Echoplex footpedal tutorial on the web site. It has a 
>> of stuff on midi pedals. Plus, it's a great read!
>> http://www.annihilist.com/loop/tools/echoplex/echopedals.html
>Very true. However the one thing I found this lacking was the final
>solution: a listing of make and model numbers of pedakls that *do* work
>and how to hook 'em up. The recent post on the pedal that send note info
>rather than cc messages is a great addition to this. Anyone else? Has
>anyone *used* the ARt X11/12/15 stuff? ADA stuff? Does it *work* or come
>close or fail?
>This info added to the FAQ would be incredibly helpful I would imagine.

I'd be happy to add such info, except I don't know nearly enough about all
the midi footcontrollers out there to be very useful. If anyone wants to
send me the appropriate data on footpedals you are familiar with, please
do! You should be able to tell what functionality the pedal needs to have
from what is now on the web page.

I think what I know so far is: Digital Music's Ground Control does not
work, Rocktron All Access should work, and the Digitech PMC-10 should work
based on the manual. The PMC-10 is long out of production, and I have no
idea if the current Digitech pedals are similar. I got my PMC-10 used for a
$100, but I still need to try it with the plex.


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