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Re: Copressors, fade ins, etc.

Wouild some kind soul mind explaining to me exactly how you can use a
compressor to get this fade-in, slowed-attack effect it sounds like you 
are talking about with Frissel, who I haven't heard? I've tried in vain to
use the "attack" control of various compressor to do that, trying to 
less exotic players than Bill (like some of Steven Still's BSpringfield
textures). Any direx appreciated...
 On the pitch shift front, sorry for always suggesting a simple $2000+ fix
with the VG-8. It's just that, once you have one, it ceases to feel
expensive, just essential! But, inspired by it, I have tried adding 
pitch shifts with basic fx. High and low fifth and fourths mixed around 50%
seem to work some similar magic. try all intervals, add distortion, delays,
tremelo, vibrato, parallel instead of series connections, whatever, to 
down the parallel-instrument effect in favor of the added harmonic content