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Re: Anti-MIDI looping

> >All my gear is pre-midi, I'm still using CV/gate, triggers, 24p clocks 
> >FSK code.
> Being a guitar player, I only use gear designed in the past 5 years or 
> than 40 years ago. I can't relate to technologies from the 70's, so I 
> know what you're talking about here. :-)

Well I do know what you're talking about (I use all that stuff too) but 
I'm not sure what you mean.

I use my echoplex live and just push the buttons on the front to get it 
to do what I want. Are you trying to sync it to something or just have it 
"play along"? I don't use any midi but I have three drum machines, a slew 
of processors and a couple cv/gate synths running. I have a submixer 
going into the echoplex and capture bits of the drums, do live tape loops 
with the EP by feeding it stuff form a cassette player live, and so on.
It fits in rather nicely (we have one of the old 70's echoplexes as well) 
with all the other gear. I'd say it's a good tool for messing with the old 
stuff. I guess I should point out I don't want my tape loops synced to 
the beats as they are mostly vocals or spoken word tapes and I mess with 
them live a lot. 

> The plex can sync to pulses, using the BeatSync input. Does that help?

My main clock is the standard Roland 24 PPQ Dinsync but I also have a 
divider running out from a CR8000 drum machine spitting out 24PPQ on a 
1/4" jack (this triggers the gate on the synths) I've never tried 
triggering the EP from this although it *may* work. From what I gathered 
in the manual the Brothersync input was totally proprietary so I never 
looked to getting it "sync'd other ways. I didn't even know there was a 
"beat sync" input. really? I gotta get from behind my synths sometime and 
see what's going on in the rack more often. If this is what I think it 
may be it could proabbly take a +5  gate trigger from on of the old 
CV/gate sequencers or analogue synths. 

Hmmm, it might be worth a try...

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