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Re: Anti-MIDI looping

>>I want to go into looping music. The 'Plex is a desirable machine (and 
>>an old Echoplex from the 60's), but I fear the MIDI headache. I hate 
>You can hate midi all you like and still use an Echoplex, since you don't
>need midi to use it! Same with the jamman. Both can be used just fine with
>the front panel switches or their respective footpedals.

Thats it. I do not hate MIDI, but I do not like its limits for playing
expression. So I use it only to control parameters of my effects with
faders on the flor. That works fine. My Plex is not midied at all.

>And if you happen to be among the cynical few who hate midi because it is 
>pathetic joke, ineptly kludged together by a decade of idiots too timid to
>look around them and notice that modern networking technology passed them
>by 35 years ago, and now forced upon the world forever by even bigger
>idiots in Redmond, why then you can happily use your echoplex/jamman
>without midi too.
>(oops. where did that come from?)

:-) These are words from a EE who fought in service for the ZIPI standard
which would be much better than MIDI, but probably will not become

>>All my gear is pre-midi, I'm still using CV/gate, triggers, 24p clocks 
>>FSK code.

>The plex can sync to pulses, using the BeatSync input. Does that help?

Sure! You can sycronize it that way with the analog sequencer, sending out
a trigger once a sequence to the BeatSync. Or reverse, BeatSync can also be
configured to put out a trigger once a loop.
I doubt the JamMan has this option, does it?