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Re: switching loops a,b,c, in echoplex How?

KemMc asked:
>Hi. Folks
>Ive Got an echoplex dig. pro with 16 meg of ram in it. and have been
>writing killer loops with multi,layers of drums ,guitar,bass &

let us hear those, please, I never heard a "killer loop" :-).
There is a comunity CD project going on the list.
Ray Peck <rpeck@PureAtria.COM> is kindly doing the compilation.

>Now I need to do multi.layer loops, a,b,and c of a tune. then
>be able to change to a,b or c after there written, on the fly and lay
>the parts to tape. Is this possible?

I would love to help you, but could not quite understand the problem.
You are using NEXT to lay down the parts in separate loops, which you
manage to do, right?
And now you want to copy a sequence of those parts to tape, is that it?
So while playing one loop, you want to switch to the next - well, thats 

>Boy It would be nice if
>oberheim would put a SCSI port on the back of the echoplex  to save and
>load loop samples to a hard drive.  That would be really useful
>in live performance.

We all dream of that. But the price might be in the range where its smarter
to use a computer right away. But there is no LOOP software to it.
This has been discussed in the beginning of this list, you find it in the