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Re: Anti-MIDI looping (Partially)

At 2:04 AM 1/28/97, Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
>Anybody aware of a simple, pedal or kit for sending a single program 
>message?  I'm trying to build a footpedal for my JM, and whilst some
>functions are direct-control, some require MIDI (fade etc).   If I could
>get a cct which just fires the appropriate program change, I avoid the
>expense of a complete MIDI footboard, and resist any temptation to attempt
>MIDIfying any prospective Vortex...

I have an ART X-11 foot controller that works great w/ the jamman. It only
sends program changes, can't be programmed, but it's really simple, just 7
foot switches, a 2-digit LED, and a horrid purple/silver on black paintjob.
Got mine from a friend for $25 bucks a few years ago, don't think they're
made anymore, but you might find one used.

Dave Trenkel, NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: improv@peak.org
self promotional web-site: http://www.peak.org/~improv/
"A squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag is fast
and bulbous, got me?"
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