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Live loops + digital guitar...

hey all:

if you're in the NJ area - i'll be doing some live digital guitar with 
looping  - i have a casio and i control an ensoniq sampler and yamaha, 
synths. I perform in a duo called JFK's LSD-UFO and the other musician 
digaital and acoustic drums and sampler/synth. Lots of loops, strange
sounds, noise and wonderment. Also on the bill is a guitar/violin duet
featuring original GONG violinist Dietrich Wiessler...and SILENT records'
"operation mindwipe" So, e-mail me if you're interested !!! The show is at
the Brighton Bar, Longbranch NJ 908 - 222-9684 Thur Jan 30 9:30 pm Also -
i'm interested in putting on dig-guitar shows in NJ in general....

keep digitizin'