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Re: Jman upgrades

>PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 1/27/97 9:36:39 PM, Trevor (concerning the Jamman) 
>> <<Now we just have to find the memory upgrades...>>
>> They're readily aveilable through any local electronics store or 
>> .DON"T go through a music store --mail order or otherwise--you'll get
>> ripped.--Paul
>Thanks, man.  Do you have any favorites?  Anyone?
>I would say that maybe we should put some of this info on the page, but
>considering that I doubt there will many non-upgraded JamPeople in this
>group.  I have seen these questions before, but I never seem to catch
>the answers.

I'd love to put such info on the Looper's Delight jamman page. (actually,
I'd love it even more if some industrious jamman user were to volunteer to
make us a good jamman section on the LD site!) The question has come up a
lot, so don't assume it won't help people out.


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